And it’s cool enough to stay up all year long! So ladies, you know you could use more space in the closet…grab those old ball caps and start creating!

It’s an easy project to do and really no mess! All you’ll need is a styrofoam wreath, fleece, straight pins, ball caps and ribbon.

Caps Wreath 1

I like to wrap the styrofoam wreath in fleece material so the white of the styrofoam doesn’t show. I use a color that compliments the caps or something masculine. When you start wrapping the fleece around the foam circle use pins to attach the material.


Next, flatten the caps and pin each one on to the foam circle. I like to pin the sides and inside of the cap so they are secure. The BEST news about this is there is no cutting the caps or tearing them apart so they are still wearable if your team goes on a championship run and you need to bust out the team spirit!


Once all the caps are securely pinned on the circle, wrap the wreath with ribbon…I like to weave in and out of the hats


Pin the end of the ribbon to the top of the wreath and add bow. If you’re guy or room is not a “bow” kinda place then add a team emblem or patch as a focal piece. I like the bow because it ties it all together!


Easy does it and every fan in the house has a spectacular wall decoration to cheer for!


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