This Quilting Rebel adds his Edgy Undertones to the Craft



Chris Marchini

Quilter Chris Marchini breaks the rules and adds edgy undertones to his quilt patterns.

Jane sits down with quilting crusader Chris Marchini from Rose City Originals to dig into his genius, and learn more about the creativity behind quilting.

Here’s a quick guide to Jane & Chris’ conversation so you can skip to the parts you want more of…. but we encourage to listen to the entire convo for inspiration.

Jane learns Chris’ story of creativity and how he tried everything until quilting became his passion.

4:02 He says the idea of stitching two pieces of fabric together creates a single unit and they become their own story; that’s the aspect of quilting that he absolutely loves.

6:00 Chris considers himself a scrappy quilter and has created a quilting style all his own adding his own unique spin to quilt design.  He says, you end up with something functional in the end and it’s so satisfying to see it come to life.

9:57 Chris is inspiring the masses as a social media star and says being a disrupter in the quilting world is not intentional, it’s just who he is; skulls, Ouija Boards, poison apples and all…. he’s just getting started.

Skull Pattern Quilt Made by Chris Marchini

11:18 Chris explains why you shouldn’t be afraid of the “Quilt Police” because there are no rules.

12:10 Chris tell us that your first quilt may not be perfect but that’s okay and you should finish it and learn from it.  And just because it’s not perfect, don’t just toss it to the side if you make a mistake.

12:27 Chris wants everyone to enjoy the process and enjoy the act of making a quilt and that it’s okay to make mistake and to embrace the flaws. A finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt. In the end it is still functional; you can lay underneath it.

14:18 Chris’ TOP TIP #1: all mistakes come out in the wash! They disappear like magic!

Chris at the Sewing Machine

16:02 He talks pattern making, pattern reading and how to follow his instructions; he says it’s just not that difficult because it’s broken down into manageable chunks.

17:30 Chris says, the number one thing to remember when it comes to quilting, have patience, and know that it’s okay to walk away!

18:28 Chris highly encourages using reclaimed fabric and to find fabric resales shops in your area.

19:22 Chris’ TOP TIP #2: use reclaimed flat bed sheets as quilt backings because they are already the proper size.

20:34 Chris talks about using alternate fabrics and that a little prep work will save you a lot of headaches later.  Always remember, there are no rules.

22:10 Chris’ TOP TIP #3, use “color catchers” if you are worried about your fabric bleeding. It’s a real lifesaver when it comes to using colored fabric.

23:01 To use or not to use your handmade quilt, is always a debated question! Chris says, USE IT! He wants you to love that quilt, drag it around the house, spill coffee on it, just use it because that quilt will create great memories.

Tik Tok page for Chris Marchini

24:37 As a rising Tik Tok star, Chris shares his Tik Tok journey and why it excites him. He can’t explain the jump in followers from 500 to 15,000 in 3 weeks but says the TIK TOK generation is ready for quilting.

27:45 Chris gives advice on starting a TIK TOK feed and that is sticking to your authentic self and just put it out there!

31:03 He talks about how much he loves his long-arm in his craft room and why he would rather invest in a long-arm machine instead of wrestling with a quilt on a basic sewing machine!

32:54 Chris explains what unicorn fabric is and what to do with it once you’ve found it… and it’s not letting it sit on the shelf. He says USE IT!

35:07 Chris tells us about his company Rose City Originals and wants everyone to know that if someone “gifts” you a quilt, consider yourself very privileged.

37: 29 Finally, learn how Chris hopes to create a legacy by leaving a modern take on this classic art.

All that and more in this thoughtful conversation about quilting.

Ouija Board Patterned Quilt

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