The Joy of Creativity


Jane chats with HSN Craft Expert, Beth Kingston about the joy of creating.

Happiness is handmade is a motto often used by creative makers. And when we think of happiness, HSN Craft Expert Beth Kingston comes to mind.  Beth is the creative force behind her brand, the Kingston Home, but she tests out other brands on TV to find what works best for your creative adventures.  Jane and Beth talk about the joy of creativity and hope to encourage you to get creative too!

If you want to hear more from Beth but are tight on time today, we’ve got your cliff notes below. But you might learn and laugh a it more if you listen to it all.

Happy Crafting.

1:52   Beth gives us ideas on how getting hands-on creative and why it’s here to stay.

3:34  Beth talks about how trying new creative activities can help you discover new things about yourself.

5:48  Beth says everyone has a creative talent to share and encourages people to stop putting limits on what creativity really is.

7:28  We learn how Beth discovered her creative side and how her path to selling crafts on television started.

11:18  Beth considers herself the luckiest person in the world and explains what life is like as the craft expert on the Home Shopping Network.

16:10  Beth answers the big question, to purge or not to purge!  She shares her secret on how to clean up your space while helping others at the same time.

18:46  Beth talks about the ups and downs of launching her Kingston Crafts brand in the middle of the pandemic and the tremendous success she’s discovered thru it all.

23:04 Beth dishes on her new creative passions outside of “work” and how she finds joy in crafting for herself.

25:20 Beth explains what scrapbooking as a hobby is not only a fulfilling hobby but also a good lesson for the kids in your life.

27:50 Beth leaves us with her words of wisdom on how to get creative and it’s all about finding the joy.

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