Busting Top Nutrition Myths

We’re busting the top Nutrition Myths on Creative Living!

Want to learn the truth about common nutrition myths and how your diet could boost your creativity? Tune into the latest episode of Creative Living with Jane Clauss.

Jane sits down with researcher Brady Holmer to separate fact from fiction when it comes to protein, carbs, fats, supplements and more. You’ll be shocked by which “unhealthy” foods are actually good for you.

They also dive into how nutrients like antioxidants may fuel your brain. Brady explains new research on the “mind diet” and how feeling your best through nutrition could indirectly support creativity.

Don’t miss this informative and entertaining discussion that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about food. Tune in to get the real scoop on diet from a leading expert and get insider tips for powering your creative potential.

Fast forward to these timecodes to speed up to some key moments from this conversation: 

6:56  Protein myths
Protein is not bad for your kidneys or bones and people should aim to get protein from a variety of sources.

11:32  Carb myths
Not all carbs are bad – complex carbs like whole grains are healthier than refined carbs.

13:42 Fat myths
Fats, including saturated fats, are an important part of a healthy diet and consuming fat does not directly make you fat.

18:23 Red meat myths
Red meat has been unfairly demonized and moderate consumption is fine for most people.

20:51 Salt myths
Salt intake is generally okay in moderation for healthy individuals.

24:05 Supplement myths
Supplements can be useful to address specific dietary deficiencies or needs but are often overconsumed.

30:43 Creativity and Nutrition
Jane asks Brady if a healthy diet can help one’s mind be more creative. Brady talks about research on the “mind diet” which focuses on foods like blueberries, walnuts and fish that are high in antioxidants and compounds thought to promote brain health.  Brady also notes that a healthy diet may promote clearer thinking and more energy/feeling better overall, which could indirectly support creativity. So while the direct link is unclear, Brady suggests a nutritious diet can still positively impact the brain and mental state.

In the end, Brady provided a wealth of information on debunking common nutrition myths and separating fact from fiction. While some long-held beliefs were challenged, the overall message was that balance and moderation are key when it comes to a healthy diet. Rather than eliminating entire food groups, focusing on whole, minimally processed foods and being mindful of nutrients from a variety of sources is most important. While direct links between certain foods and brain health or creativity need more research, optimizing overall well-being through diet is likely to indirectly support creative pursuits as well. 

Biggest takeaway, you learn how nutrition science is an evolving field, and to approach new claims critically. Most importantly, finding an individualized approach based on personal needs and lifestyle was emphasized over strict rules. For more healthy living inspiration go to JaneClauss.com 

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Tune in to the latest episode of Creative Living with me to get the facts on nutrition myths from expert @brady.j.holmer 🫐🍎🍌Learn how to fuel your body and brain for peak creativity through diet secrets backed by science. 🥗🍓🥑🍊🥚🍇🥝🥩🥦🥕
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