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Seasonal Themes

Blooming Canvas Art

Everything comes alive in the spring and your wall art should too! Create a whimsical wall tapestry by using fabric flowers, yarn and pretty buttons. No watering needed for this spring-inspired project.

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DIY Up-Cycled T-shirt Aprons

As most of you know I LOVE to take the old and make it new again…re-purpose, re-fashion, re-use! Today we’re talking t-shirts. Do you reeeeeally need another one?? I didn’t think so. So let’s spring clean the closet and turn those t-shirts into something useful!

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Graduation Cap Purse

Lots of people decorate their graduation caps for the big day and if you didn’t lose it in the celebratory toss, what else are you gonna to do with it? Try this easy DIY!

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Let’s Get Basted: Fall DIY Ideas

The star of your table décor is definitely the food but you can also personalize your table-scape by creating festive decor like plate sashes for all your guests and then add a sweet treats box to each place setting to give your guests a take home treat. These DIY craft ideas are simple but add an elegant touch of creativity to your Thanksgiving.

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