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DIY the Perfect Christmas Dress:

a Complete Guide by Jane Clauss

Looking to dazzle at your holiday party with a fabulous Christmas dress? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about how to DIY the perfect Christmas dress and really turn some heads!

Hey friends! Jane Clauss here, your go-to gal for all things DIY.

The Classic Red & Green Christmas Dress

Ah, red and green, the quintessential Christmas colors.
Start with a simple red dress and add some green accessories.
A sash, an oversized bow, or even some sewn-on green jeweled accents can make your dress stand out from the crowd.

red and green christmas dress

Upcycle Your Old Dress into a Christmas Dress

Have an old dress gathering dust? Give it a Christmas makeover!
Embroidery, beads, or even fabric paint can convert your forgotten outfit into a dazzling dress for Yule festivities.

upcycled christmas dress

Glitz and Glam Christmas Dress

Love glamour? A simple black dress can easily become your next Christmas dress with the right sequin appliqué or rhinestone brooch.
All you need is a needle and thread or hot glue gun and a starry vision for your glammed-up holiday dress!

glitz and glam christmas dress

Patterns Galore for Your Christmas Dress

Plaids, stripes, or even snowflakes—these patterns can all make your dress a showstopper. Adding some patterned fabric to the skirt or bodice can instantly make your dress Christmas-ready.

pattern christmas dresses

Less is More for Your White Holiday Dress

A white dress serves as a blank canvas.
A few well-placed Christmas ornaments like a belt or a festive brooch can complete your dress with minimal effort.

white christmas dress

Essential Tools for Your DIY Dress: 


Sewing and embroidery Machine

Hot Glue Gun

Fabric Glue 

Fusible interfacing 

Fabric Scissors

Paper Scissors

Assorted Fabrics & Scraps 

Ribbons, trim and pom poms 

Broken costume jewelry 

Old belts, faux flowers, and unique buttons 

Step-by-Step Guide to Your DIY Christmas Dress

Choose Your Base Dress: A simple dress can be the start of an amazing Christmas dress. Look to your closet for once loved dresses or a cool find in the thrift store. Make sure you like at least one area of the fit and color.

You can also create your own pattern and make a dress from scratch using the “base dress” concept you love.

Tips to get started:

Sketch Your Ideas! Plan your dress design before diving in and making the first cut. Grab a notebook or even a scrap of paper and draw it out, write a supply list, layout simple directions for yourself, make a plan so your dress becomes reality.

Gather Supplies!

Collect everything you need to make your drean dress a reality. Look in your closet, the thrift store, gift wrapping area, and even Holiday decor supply closet. Nothing is off limits when you’re designing. Don’t forget fabric scissors and paper scissors, fabric glue and hot glue, festive fabric scraps, and even a few broken pieces of costume jewelry can add that extra special sparkle you might need.

Try it On!

Always check the fit and comfort of your dress before making the final adjustments. If you’re working with an old garment and updating it, pick a garment that you already like the fit whether it be in the waist, arm length, bust or booty… start with one are and work from there.

Let Creativity Flow!

Start cutting, sewing, gluing, and decorating to make your one-of-a-kind Christmas dress. Remember there are no mistakes when you’re creating. Just let your imagination go. And remember, when it comes to the holidays, more is more and less is a bore!

Wrap Up and you’re ready to go!

There you have it, your complete guide to DIY-ing the perfect Christmas dress! (Want to see me make mine?) Remember, the holiday season is all about joy, so make sure you have fun crafting your dress. I can’t wait to see what you create!

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